• 25-03-2021 Thursday, the Feast of Annunciation


  • Please follow the guidelines against Corona disease and encourage others too to follow.
  • Thanks to the Choir for helping to sing and praise during the Eucharist.
  • Thanks to Rev Srs. and the Youth for arranging for the Holy Mass.
  • Request to the Youth and Legion of Mary members to gather after the Holy Mass.


  • A deep sense of gratitude to the families belong to Lourdumaathe Ward (Ward 5) for animating the Holy Eucharist.
  • Thanks to the families of 9th & 10th Ward for helping during the Way of the Cross service and Holy Mass on 19-03-2021 Friday.
  • On coming 26-03-2021 Friday, there will be The Way of the Cross at 6-00pm followed by the Holy Mass. A kind request to the Rev Sisters and the members of the Legion of Mary to help during the Service; donors have arranged for the meals after the service kindly participate.
  • An invitation to the families belong to FathimaMathe Ward (Ward 6) for animating the Holy Eucharist on next Sunday.
  • Coming Sunday 28-03-2021 is PALM SUNDAY. The blessing of the Palm and the procession will be from the portico of Carmel High School, then we reach the Hall the Holy Mass will continue as always. 

Thanking You