• Please follow the guidelines against Corona disease and encourage others too to follow.
  • Thanks to the Choir for helping to sing and praise during the Eucharist. 
  • Thanks to Rev Srs., Parish Council Members, SVP Members and the Youth for making the necessary arrangements for the Holy Mass.
  • There will be a prayer meeting for the Youth and the Legion of Mary members after the Mass.


  • A deep sense of gratitude to the families belong to JapamaleMathe Ward (Ward 3) for animating the Holy Eucharist.
  • Thanks to the families of 5th & 6th Ward for helping during the Way of the Cross service and Holy Mass on 05-03-2021 Friday.
  • On coming 12-03-2021 Friday, there will be The Way of the Cross at 6-00pm followed by the Holy Mass. A kind request to the families of 7th & 8th Ward to help during the Service; donors have arranged for the meals after the service, kindly participate.
  • An invitation to the families belong to CarmelMathe Ward (Ward 4) for animating the Holy Eucharist on next Sunday.
  • There will be a preaching of Lenten Retreat on 14-03-2021, Sunday from 8-00am to 04-00pm, led by Rev Fr Patrick Jonhas Rao, Diocese of Chikkamagalur. Please attend without fail and encourage others to participate. 
  • Thanking You
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