31st Sunday of the Ordinary Season

  • 02-11-2020, Monday– All Souls Day
  • 03-11-2020, Tuesday-Memorial of St Martin de Pores
  • 04-11-2020, Wednesday-Memorial of St Charles Borromeo


  • Please follow the guidelines against Corona disease and encourage others too to follow.
  • Thanks to the Choir for helping to sing and praise during the Eucharist.
  • Thanks to Rev Srs. and the Youth for arranging for the Holy Mass.
  • There will be gathering of the Youth after the Mass, kindly participate.
  • A request to the members of Legion of Mary to join for the prayer meet after the Mass.
  • There will be meeting for the members of St Vincent de Paul Society after the mass.


  • 02-11-2020, Monday, as per the directions of the Karnataka Bishops Conference, on the day Memoria of all departed faithful the mass will be held in the Parish Church and then the cemeteries will be blessed.
  • 02-11-2020, Monday, on the day Memoria of all departed faithful the Holy Mass will be at 7-00 am and then the cemeteries will be blessed. 
  • As November is the special month to pray for the departed faithful, the teaching of the Holy Church is, anyone who participates in the Holy Mass, receives the Holy Communion and visits the Cemetery and prays for Pope’s intention and the departed souls will have indulgence.
  • Sunday 01-11-2020 the Youth of our Parish is organizing a Family Bible Quiz. The Question Paper will be given to each family. The answer should be returned before 15-11-2020, Sunday. Whoever first submits the answer sheet will have a prize and then first three complete answer sheet will have prizes. The quiz in on the New Testament only.
  • From next Sunday 08-11-2020 onwards the parish groups will arrange for breakfast and few games on account of Mission Sunday Celebration, kindly participate.
  • on next Sunday 08-11-2020 and 15-11-2020, Sunday kindly bring the children to the parish, we shall conduct games for them on account of Children’s day celebration on 15-11-2020, Sunday.
  • 06-11-2020, ‍Friday is the First Friday of the month, if anyone at home to receive the Holy Communion please bring to our notice. 
  • A deep sense of gratitude to the families belong to the Ward of Our Lady of Lourdes (Gandhinagar A) for animating the Holy Eucharist.
  • An invitation to the families belong to the Ward of Our Lady of Fathima (Gandhinagar B) for animating the Holy Eucharist on next Sunday.

Thanking You