21st Sunday of the Ordinary Season

24-08-2020, Monday– Feast of Apostle St Bartolomeo

27-08-2020, Thursday– Memoria of St Monica

28-08-2020, Friday– Memoria of St Augustine

29-08-2020, Saturday– Memoria of Beheading of St John the Baptist

  • Please follow the guidelines against Corona disease and encourage others too to follow.
  • Thanks to the Choir for helping to sing and praise during the Eucharist.
  • Thanks to Rev Srs. and the Youth for arranging for the Holy Mass.
  • 30-08-2020, Sunday is the beginning of the Novena for the feast of Nativity of Mother Mary, At 8 15 am flag hoisting, and Mass; on other days Novena preaching and Mass is at 6 00pm. On the Festive Day the Mass is at 7 00 am.